Moving House Checklist

Moving to a new property can be a very stressful time with so many things to do as well as think about. So, we have come up with a handy checklist to ensure your move is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

By Grant Stone

4-6 weeks out:
•If buying a home, confirm the settlement date and final inspection date.
•If renting, confirm the key collection date for your new home and the inspection date for your old address.
•Arrange YOUR home and contents insurance for your new home.
•Organise school and childcare transfers as early as possible.
•Depending on how far you are moving, obtain medical, pet and school records.
•Book a removalist.
•Book cleaners if required for your old and or your new home.
•Time to start sorting out your belongings; sell, dispose, or donate any of your unwanted possessions.
•Start using up food in your freezer and cupboards.

3 weeks out:
•Move your electricity quickly and easily online with Ergon Energy Retail.
•Transfer and set up other important utilities e.g., gas, internet, phone, pay-TV.
•Redirect your mail, newspapers and any other subscriptions.
•Request leave from work if required.
•Ask a friend or family member to help out with children and pets on moving day.
•Organise packing materials.
•Pack non-essential items and label all boxes with the contents and room destination.

1-2 weeks out:
•Start using up the food in the fridge.
•Start packing the last remaining items.
•Pack an essentials box with items like sheets, towels, toilet paper, medication, special children’s toys, pet bowls and leads, scissors and tools for assembling furniture.
•Back up your important documents online.
•Reconfirm all moving details with your removalist, lawyer or your friendly Real Estate Agent (hopefully its with Cairns Leading Real Estate!)

The day before the big move:
•Defrost and empty your fridge.
•Unplug appliances.
•Pack up any last-minute items.
•Oh… and don’t forget to say goodbye to any of your old neighbours.
•Get a good night’s sleep to stay positive and energised.

The day has come, moving day!:
•Check you have received all the relevant keys and garage remotes if applicable to your new home.
•Supervise the removalists and give clear directions on where furniture and other items should go.
•Lock all doors and windows when you leave your old home and turn off any lights.
•Assemble all your furniture and make the beds.
•Start unpacking all your personal items.
•Return your keys and any relevant paperwork to the Real Estate Agent.

After your move:
•Let your friends, family and Real Estate agent know your new address to forward any mail.
•Update your address on your driver license, car registration, the Electoral Commission, your car insurance provider, bank, Medicare, personal insurance company, private any other key businesses associates.

TIME TO RELAX….. See it wasn’t all that bad because you were organised.

Best wishes with you move from “CAIRNS LEADING REAL ESTATE”

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